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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Unusual Things at Go Away Farm

The day the clouds stood on their ends....  This was at 8:00 am last Saturday morning. Me and Goldie were around on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and it kept getting darker and darker. It was thundering and the wind was a bit odd. All of a sudden, the clouds that were overhead started to turn toward the ground, and you see here what I got to witness. I was curious but also a bit apprehensive to say the least. But, not so much that I couldn't go grab the camera. 

This little bird of color came to his waterloo when he flew into our gallery hall window in the pitch dark two weeks ago. Mikki wanted me to see it so she froze him (or her) in a zip-lock bag. We've never seen anything like this at Go Away. In fact, a pet shop or zoo is about as close as I've been to something like this. I looked it up after Wayne said he thought it was a Bunting. There is a Bunting similar, so we'll just call it a Bunting for lack of facts.

Shot the front of the farm house with a full moon overhead. It was beautiful! What is it that is so compelling about a full moon? I just want to stare at it. But, not in my telescope. Tried that and it about blinded me.

The full moon gave me an opportunity to get outside after midnight and shoot a few photos. The Canon 10D did a great job. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That time of the year at Go Away Farm....

Organic tomatoes still on the vine! Should be ripe this Saturday.

This was our first year for carrots. Very nice!

This year has probably been the wettest in our history of owning the farm. We've received over 7 inches this month alone, and it's June. July through September may be ugly dry months, but I hope not. The lakes are brimming full, and the garden is beautiful!

This weekend Mikki fixed Tomato Caprise salad with fresh buffalo mozzerello. Good grief, it was awesome with those fresh yellow and red tomatoes. There isn't anything quite like a fresh organic tomato! The tomato plants are just loaded too.

Mr. Jack comes to stay a couple days...

While Molly and Jonathan went on a short vacation to Mexico, Mikki and I got to have Jack over to the house for a couple nights. Okay, I was only there last night with him and I didn't get up at 2:30 am when he got hungry:-) Mikki did the heavy lifting on the night watch. He actually sleeps all night typically and is really getting big. I fed him for half a bottle last evening and that dude's head is a load. Don't know where he gets such a large head and squinty eyes....

He is a precious baby!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Goodbye Aunt Ruth

Saturday morning around 8:30 am, Ruth Dupree, or as our kids called her, Aunt Ruth, passed from this world. She was very active in our lives in the early stages of adplex being created. She not only took care of our kids as if they were her own, she also cared for our home as if it were hers. We would even take Molly over to her house on occasion. But my memories of the Dupree family goes back to Stonewall Pentecostal Church on East Houston Road in the late 60's and early 70's. Spud, her husband, and their kids, Sharon and Rick, went to church with our family. Interestingly enough, their dad's nick name was Spud, and ours was Tater (in an earlier life). Probably said something about our dads that we'll never comprehend. They were a great family. Today, those days seem like they were great times. We'll miss Aunt Ruth!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Maroma Resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico

The view Tuesday evening while we were having dinner. The sunsets at Maroma are special. We just love that salmon color in the clouds as the sun shows it last light.

This is the stalk of bananas that I hit with my head four times in two days. They finally propped the tree up so we that look down when we walk would not ruin the fruit, not to mention that these things are hard as brick-bats when green.

The pristine Maroma beach from our room no. 8. It was special.

Yes, this isn't just a sail boat. It is me alone on a sail boat after a 30 minute lesson. I think the instructor, Giovanni, was a bit hesitant to leave me with the Hobie Cat alone. However, I picked it up rather quickly and did just fine except for sitting flat on my bottom for an hour and my back killing me. They need to build a Hobie Cat with a chair on it:-). It was a blast! Nothing to it if the wind is blowing. Very boring when its not.

Maroma at sun-up this morning. It is just beautiful. Maroma sits about 30 kilometers South of Cancun on the beautiful beach of Maroma. The resort is owned and operated by the Orient Express folks and they do a wonderful job. Wonderful service and a spectacular beach / water combination. We've never seen it more beautiful. They have done a wonderful job rebuilding after the Hurricane Wilma wiped it out in 2006. We were there last year and it was not a pretty sight. You coundn't tell it had ever seen a Hurricane this year. Amazing.

Photos from around Go Away...

This is a birdhouse at Go Away that hangs in a Live Oak tree near the garden.

This is a birdhouse that is in a pear tree near the central flower garden. That's Molly in the background.

Le Cat resting on the post. I can't possibly know it's name now that there's a harem of cats there at the farm. By the way, they are ready for adoption. Mikki said to let her know if you still want one. And for those of you who didn't know about the cats, there's one for you too potentially.

The Magnolia tree in the front yard is blooming. They smell absolutely wonderful. And they're beauties!

String beans from the garden. They are wonderful if you get the strings off of them:-) Nothing better than fresh beans right out of the garden.

Jack is growing up. Check out the laugh he's got!

You've got to love this face! Kind of a mixture of Jonathan, Molly and Mimi.

I love this. If you hold him, he never stops squirming, ever! He is going to be one wired man.

Molly and Jack out for a stroll in the yard on Memorial Day weekend at Go Away. The guy likes to be carried around.