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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Amber & Jarvis Pitts Wedding

Amber was married at Go Away Farm to Jarvis Pitts on Saturday, April 16, 2011. I don't have the "good" photos to post, so I haven't posted what I do have, got to feeling bad about not posting something, so here are a couple. As soon as we have the official versions, I'll get some of them up here as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day with little wind and very pleasant temperatures. It could have been a lot worse. Very blessed to have a beautiful day to spend with the family in celebration of Amber & Jarvis' union. 

Welcome Jarvis to the Walters' family! 

Amber & Jarvis, happily married! 

Brody, Caroline, Riley & Lauren... 5, 5, 5, and 15:-) Poor Lauren. 

May your life be filled with wonderful days.

Easter 2011

Easter is an interesting, paradoxical time... Easter is a time of remembrance of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ... The real reason for this holiday has obviously been overshadowed by the commercialization of it.  Well, here is our contribution to the commercialization of Easter at the Walters' family:-) 

Jack ready to roll

Caroline in a mid-air bounce down the slide

Brody bailing off down the slide

Caroline inspecting an egg

Grey, showing off his price eggs

Caroline, Grey and Jack with their bounty

Jack coming down belly first

Mik Mik and Annie Jane

Annie laughing at her brothers

Papa G and Annie 

Jack reflecting on the hunt

Molly and Annie on Easter Sunday morning

Grey all dressed up for Easter Sunday

The Enseys... Jonathan, Grey, Jack, Molly & Annie

Molly and Annie... I love that look:-)

Papa G with Molly's kids...Jack, Grey & Annie

Jonathan and Annie

The five grandkids... Brody, Grey, Annie, Caroline & Jack

Mik and her girls... Amber, Caroline, Mik, Annie & Molly

Molly and her boys, Jack and Grey