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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is always a big deal... 



Liney the princess

Annie & Mom at Candyland



Liney at MikMik's booth... awesome dresses attached to ladders that you stood behind... some were better than others. Caroline was spectacularly real. 


As I said, some were better than others. Here, Andy gives it a go. Not sure I'll be comfortable around him ever again:-)


Grey Turns Five (can't believe it)

Grey has the great misfortune, or maybe it is a blessing in disguise, that his birthday is on Halloween. At least he always gets a grand party where most people dress up! Here he sports a new haircut, thanks to his attempt to trim his locks with scissors. He cut to the scalp dead in the center of his head:-) It was so cute. I voted for the burr. 

Dad and Grey

Grey dressed as a pirate at the fall festival at Living Way.