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Monday, June 11, 2007

Maroma Resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico

The view Tuesday evening while we were having dinner. The sunsets at Maroma are special. We just love that salmon color in the clouds as the sun shows it last light.

This is the stalk of bananas that I hit with my head four times in two days. They finally propped the tree up so we that look down when we walk would not ruin the fruit, not to mention that these things are hard as brick-bats when green.

The pristine Maroma beach from our room no. 8. It was special.

Yes, this isn't just a sail boat. It is me alone on a sail boat after a 30 minute lesson. I think the instructor, Giovanni, was a bit hesitant to leave me with the Hobie Cat alone. However, I picked it up rather quickly and did just fine except for sitting flat on my bottom for an hour and my back killing me. They need to build a Hobie Cat with a chair on it:-). It was a blast! Nothing to it if the wind is blowing. Very boring when its not.

Maroma at sun-up this morning. It is just beautiful. Maroma sits about 30 kilometers South of Cancun on the beautiful beach of Maroma. The resort is owned and operated by the Orient Express folks and they do a wonderful job. Wonderful service and a spectacular beach / water combination. We've never seen it more beautiful. They have done a wonderful job rebuilding after the Hurricane Wilma wiped it out in 2006. We were there last year and it was not a pretty sight. You coundn't tell it had ever seen a Hurricane this year. Amazing.


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