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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Unusual Things at Go Away Farm

The day the clouds stood on their ends....  This was at 8:00 am last Saturday morning. Me and Goldie were around on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and it kept getting darker and darker. It was thundering and the wind was a bit odd. All of a sudden, the clouds that were overhead started to turn toward the ground, and you see here what I got to witness. I was curious but also a bit apprehensive to say the least. But, not so much that I couldn't go grab the camera. 

This little bird of color came to his waterloo when he flew into our gallery hall window in the pitch dark two weeks ago. Mikki wanted me to see it so she froze him (or her) in a zip-lock bag. We've never seen anything like this at Go Away. In fact, a pet shop or zoo is about as close as I've been to something like this. I looked it up after Wayne said he thought it was a Bunting. There is a Bunting similar, so we'll just call it a Bunting for lack of facts.

Shot the front of the farm house with a full moon overhead. It was beautiful! What is it that is so compelling about a full moon? I just want to stare at it. But, not in my telescope. Tried that and it about blinded me.

The full moon gave me an opportunity to get outside after midnight and shoot a few photos. The Canon 10D did a great job. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a male Painted Bunting...beautiful bird. My mother has done the same thing with birds shes found and wanted help identifying,

10/01/2007 10:32 AM  

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