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Monday, September 24, 2007

The twins are 21 months old...

I can't believe Brody and Caroline are so big! They are both characters but very sweet. Brody is a hugger, and Caroline acts like I have a disease when it comes to hugging:-) Boy, you can see Bryan and Amber in both of them.  And they really do love Jack already. And you should hear them say Papa G and now Mik Mik. It's so cute. Caroline is saying anything that she hears. And Brody is now gone from calling Caroline "lineline" to "Boddy". A bit mixed up on who is Brody:-) 

And Jack grows up...

Jack is 6 months old! And he's looking pretty dapper in those overalls! He is really getting some neat personality. But its funny. When he doesn't feel good, he acts just like Molly always has. 

He has the sweetest smile, but an 'Elbert' (and papa G)  head. But he has those Molly cheeks. I see Jonathan and Dovey Ensey in his eyes and nose, but he is unmistakably blessed with some prevalent Walters' genes:-)  I just love his smile. I heard yesterday that he said "mother, can you bring me some water?". No wait, that was Caroline. Jack just said "MOM".  Mikki seems to be rather happy here, huh? 

My, time does fly when you're having fun...

The Equipped Team! This is the team that I'm working with to write the new book project that Dan Sander's and me are currently working on. Left to right: Dan Dollins, Literary Agent; Dan Sanders, USAF U2 Pilot, CEO and Author, and my Co-Author; Claude Dollins, Business Coach; me; and Doug Hensley, Editor. We worked a couple days at Go Away Farm last week. We were able to cover some incredible ground compared to what we'd have done in any other environment (their words... and from experience). Dan's new book, "Built-To-Serve" is on the bookshelves. Buy it. You'll enjoy the read. Very good business book, but also relevant for just about anyone who believes in servant hood. 

Since I've "stepped aside" from the day to day of adplex, I have found that my time is eaten up with an abundance of catch-up projects and new work opportunities. I'm being very careful to not jump on everything that comes along. There have been plenty opportunities, which I am very grateful for, but if I had taken them all I'd be right back in the grind again. So, I'm working on several wonderful projects with great people. I'm honored to be so blessed. And Go Away Farm is getting a lot more attention, which it so deserved. However, I was afraid that me and Mikki would be on each other's nerves, but I have seen her less since this event than before. We seem to pass each other headed in different directions almost daily. We're figuring it all out. Hopefully soon, we'll have things working together so we can be together more than the current schedule allows. I'm also blessed to have a lady like Mikki. What a wonderful partner she has been and continues to be in this new life.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Andrew Barnett nabs a monster frog at Go Away!

Looks like a Cadillac, doesn't it?

I was in the house speaking to guests at Crystal Wheless' wedding Saturday evening when Andrew came running up and said, "bring the digital camera out here, now!" When I ignored his request, he grabbed me and pulled toward the door. I followed. When I got outside, I was met with a monster frog that was nabbed by Andrew jumping away from the dog food bowl. Obviously, he liked the food....  Andrew loved the frog!

At the farm with Brody and Caroline

Caroline and her stuffed donkey riding on the rocking-lamb in our bedroom. 

Saturday morning I took the babies out on the porch and we were joined immediately by Coal, our standard Poodle. We had a nice time. Brody and Caroline are talking up a storm. You can understand a lot of what she says, but I still struggle with Brody's command of the language. But one thing for sure, he can say "turn on" and "MILK" very well. It's almost more than I can stand when they say "PappaG", "babba G", "PaG" and anything else that sounds similar.....