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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jack turns 3 - Happy Birthday!

As hard as it is to believe, Jack Regan Ensey has turned three in March. We had a party over at Molly and Jonathan's. It was a fun time! He has a vocabulary that is quite amazing and is going to be a very tall boy and probably even a larger man. Lots of genes working toward him being a tall man. He has an amazing focus that could serve him well. And, I think he'd just about as soon play alone as with the other kids. He is quite comfortable just playing with Thomas the Train in his own little world. Going to be interesting to watch Jack grow up. And even more interesting when Grey makes the mistake and moves Thomas into the hinterland of the unknown:-)  

We are blessed with some wonderful grand kids! 

Molly & Jack

Jack and his prized cars. Wonder where he gets the head thing. 

Molly, Jack in party-style, Jonathan and Grey


Brody and Grey intent on figuring out the Blackberry

Looking down on the party while Jack tries in vain to protect his party booty

Mr. Grey with the stylish collar. Well, in the early 70's it was in style. Impish look on that face of his as he holds a Blackberry phone:-)

Ms. Carolina and Amber

MikMik and Ms. Caroline. I love this picture.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer and Winter, Peaches and Pears

It's that time of year again when the winter frost and chilly nights breakway to mild nights, warm days, everything coated with a green powdery pollen, and the blossoming of new fruit. Mikki gets clobbered this time of year with alergies. The pollen this year is about as rough as we've seen it due to the very cold winter we experienced. I have noticed extremes in our weather... Last year we had 11inches of rain in 24 hours and then 11 weeks without a drop and temperatures in excess of 100 on many days. That was followed by one of the coldest winters I recall here in Texas. We actually went three or four days below freezing.... We don't construct stuff down here in Texas for those kinds of winters. Anyway, one benefit of the very cold winter is a flourishing Spring. The three year old peaches and pear trees we planted in the Winter of 08 are bursting with fruit this year. Take a look...