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Husband, dad, grandfather, brother, entrepreneur, artist, writer, publisher, ad guy, teacher, musician, and dreaming of being a farmer.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Photos from around Go Away...

This is a birdhouse at Go Away that hangs in a Live Oak tree near the garden.

This is a birdhouse that is in a pear tree near the central flower garden. That's Molly in the background.

Le Cat resting on the post. I can't possibly know it's name now that there's a harem of cats there at the farm. By the way, they are ready for adoption. Mikki said to let her know if you still want one. And for those of you who didn't know about the cats, there's one for you too potentially.

The Magnolia tree in the front yard is blooming. They smell absolutely wonderful. And they're beauties!

String beans from the garden. They are wonderful if you get the strings off of them:-) Nothing better than fresh beans right out of the garden.


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