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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Chaos

We are at the farm today preparing for the Go Think! Chistmas party on Monday. Tomorrow, Saturday, is the twins (Brody and Caroline's) 4th birthday. Tomorrow night is the birthday celebration dinner for Amber's 32nd birthday (Sunday), and Mikki's 53rd birthday (Tuesday).... And then we'll have Christmas:-). There isn't much way to make this less hectic. We try and fail miserably... Oh well, we will have a good time over this next week. Let's just hope we're not too tired to recall the adventure or reason of it all. Merry Christmas! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving we all gathered at the farm, as is somewhat customary now. Seems that it's just easier to congregate our ever-growing family where there is plenty running room. We are blessed to have the farm for just such occasions. We had a wonderful time. There was 55 there on Saturday and about 40 spent the night. We had quite the time breaking out the PIT game finally after many years in retirement. Wow! It was loud, and a lot of fun!
We all missed Larry! Just wasn't the same without him there. We must have burned a cord of wood and had one of the finest Thanksgiving dinner's anywhere in the country, and he'd have been in the middle of that for sure.
The Walters' Family
Galen & Mikki and their family. Left to right: Caroline, Amber, Mikki, Jack, Papa G, Brody, Molly, Grey and Jonathan.
Papa G and Brody next to the burl that we cut out of the big oak in the pasture that finally died. Must have been a couple hundred years old. Makes me sad. Should get some nice turning stock from this burl for a few bowls.
Brody checking out the inside of the oak burl / tree.
UhOh! He discovered the 4-wheelers. Brody had that far away look in his eyes. Thank goodness someone had broken the chain:-)
Charles shooting a rifle at a target.
Llewel, John, Charles and Cary
Stephanie and Cary out by the fire.
Kami and Caryn in the kitchen. Mikki getting something prepared to be devoured. Angela watching.
Sister-in-law Florence Fritz, eldest sister Sue Borup, youngest sister Diane, sister-in-law Mary Ann and Sue Crawford.
Llewel, Rusty and Shannon Ramey playing a domino game. Mexican train or something like that.
Nick, Maggie and Keith coming back from shooting their guns in the bottom.
Brody shooting skeet with his BB Gun.
Amber shooting skeet with the 28 Ga shotgun.
Cary shooting with a 12 Ga pump riot gun and Galen shooting with the 20 Ga O/U.