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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Walters' Family Christmas

The Walters family Christmas celebration is always a pretty hectic but fun event. I think for the size family we have, we are pretty tightly knit. It's pretty amazing that in the absence of our Mom and Dad that we are all still loving to get together like this a couple times annually. We now have 63 in our immediate family if I am counting everyone.

Caroline and Claire in the inflatable jumping  / slide. It was put to good use. 

Llewel driving the Club Car around the farm at break-neck speeds with Merry, Camille and Melody in tow. They were having a blast. 

Jordyn Ingram and Corey Dial out on the tennis court hanging out. 

Caroline, Diane and Charlie listening to Llewel tell them how it is, or was. Look, Charles believes every word:-)

Ethan Castleberry showing us how much time he had available to answer our questions. Not really. I have no idea what he was doing. John Dial shot this photo and most of these. 

Rusty Walters looking his age finally. I didn't say acting it:-)

Sue Borup, our sister, looking like our Dad. And she acts like him too, but that isn't all bad. 

Charlie Ingram looking like he was posing.  But all the while standing by a fire pit. Maybe his pants were just hot.

We employed the blow up slide once again this year. The kids loved it but this year the adults stuck to eating, table games and watching the fire burn. Brody about wore it out. 

Me and Larry cooking the hamburger meat on the grill. 

I know this isn't normal, but Jonathan looks like he is giving some serious advice. Or maybe making a statement about something he has just grazed from the buffet. 

Larry, Llewel and me all in line, all ahead of the old people. Oh wait, we are the old people now. Well, they are. I just wanted to lead them through the line. 

Fizz, who must have taken a thousand photos, Molly, Amber and Rusty enjoying making fun of some poor person.

John showing good form shooting skeet.

Galen, trying out the new Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 gauge over and under shotgun.

Corey Dial's first time to shoot. I think he actually was about 100% accurate. It is unreal how these kids who play video games have their hand-eye coordination down so well. At least there is some redeeming quality that has come out of it all. However, when he didn't have on his ear protection, he had an iPod in his ears:-) Ironic.

Scott Walters, Bryan Saintes and Charlie Ingram shooting some Annie Oakley. The guns got a work out. And so did our shoulders. 

Lanna got to shoot and she missed the first skeet and then plastered all the rest. Quick study! Here she is shooting a 28 gauge O/U Browning Citori Lightning

Larry, Llewel and Scott warming by the fire. 

We played a couple games of Mexican Train dominoes. It is a fairly slow and boring game but fun all the same. I couldn't remember to say "I'm getting off the train" and neither could Charlie:-) Sherry was the "getting off the train cop" for the night. She caught Charlie!

Now this is a rare shot. It's not rare to see Larry, Llewel and me in a food line, but playing dominoes, this is a first. We had a good time. Larry and Mary Ann stayed over in the guest barn.

Llewel had a spasm in his shoulder and Mikki took it upon herself to rid him of it. During the Mexican Train game. 

Chesney Dial, Caroline Saintes and Jody Ingram mesmerized by Planet Earth videos, or by Loony Toons

Brody getting a helping hand from Uncle Harold

Caroline watching as Brody tried to get on Coal's back and take a ride. Didn't happen.

Caroline and Brody on the outside, Jack on the inside.

Brody taking Tank for a walk (with his Dad in close proximity). 

Jack and Molly out by the fire pit. 

Corey Dial posing with his new "long board" and iPod

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Our first Christmas at Go Away with all of the kids

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with our family. It just worked out this year where everyone could be at the farm on Christmas morning. I know that won't always be the case, but it was a great day. The babies all had a great time and a lot to play with. I think it was the most sane Holiday Season I recall in many years. Both from a gift giving and relaxation perspective. We've had a lovely couple of weeks.

Caroline and Mik Mik discussing the assortment of clothing and paraphernalia for her dolls.

Brody was a happy boy to receive from Santa Clause a TACTOR. 

Caroline was recruited to operate the backhoe on the Caterpillar. Brody held fast to the overall operation.

Jack on his dump truck in the front yard. Didn't take him but just a minute and he was taking off.