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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Elk Bronze baying at the moon.

Baying at the Moon?, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Diane shot this while on her road trip out West.

A Bronze at Tlaquepaque in Sedona

This looks like Bryan riding Tank a few months back....

Barbed Wire Donkey at Tlaquepaque

If only I could get the real thing to haul wood.

Sunset as Diane left the Grand Canyon

This is a shot from Dianes road trip out West this summer.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Color in Maine today

Today in Maine, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I happened to turn around in a parking lot and there was this beautiful tree. And, all the color is about gone. Lucky to see it.

Mik in the garden

Mik in the garden, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Mik's organic garden at Go Away. She's trying to stay ahead of the rabbit. He's eating her lettuce faster than it can grow:-)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well, we finally did it...

PC200041, originally uploaded by badlogik.

Not really. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get Molly all worked up. She's always wanted a monkey and someone sent me this and I thought I had to share. Isn't this amazing.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mr Brody and Bucky at Go Away

Mr Brody and Bucky at Go Away, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

We've let Bucky go into the wild. Yesterday, two weeks following his release, he walked in to the yard when Isidro got there for work.

Brody & Caroline after Church

Brody & Caroline after Church, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

they will be 10 Months in a week!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Paul Sellers, Master Woodworker, and me.

Not only is Paul a English Master Woodworker, he is a man of God with a wonderful testimony and an awesome spirit, and a wonderful person. I really learned to respect him very quickly. His quick wit and keen understanding of all things wood was a bit intimidating, but he kept it so simple and so real for me. A true mentor.

Handmade cabinets and Tool Chests of Paul Sellers

These things are simple but beautiful. Wonderful craftsmenship. I plan to copy them with his blessings.


Dovetailing, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

What a pleasure to learn this simple but enduring craft of historical quality furniture making. Once you make this little box, you can make a drawer, etc.

Joseph Sellers' handmade Cello

Joseph Sellers' handmade Cello, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Joseph and his father Paul, my instructor, made this cello from scratch in 250 man-hours. It is unbelieveablely beautiful. Joseph came and played it for us in the woodshop on Friday. Beautiful! He's 17 and a very accomplished woodworker himself.

3 Pieces I made at Homestead Woodworking School

A shelf on top utilizing handcut dado's, mortises, and tenon jointery, a dovetailed box, and a walnut occasional table utilizing all hand-cut mortise and tenon jointery. A wonderful experience when all you have ever experienced is powertools. Grandaddy's image came back to me in his shop more than once during the week. It was quite an experience. We learned sharpening of all tools, including saw sharpening for the first time for me. Wow.

Mikki's Homesteading Course

Mikki's Homesteading Course, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

The gentleman on the lower right is Butch Tindell, Mik's instructor. She was blown away at the education she gained here in three days. Very intensive!

The Homestead Heritage Woodworking School

I spent six full days and one night here learning hand tool woodworking. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in doing wood working.

My work area in the class

My work area in the class, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

There was about 13 of us in the class. We worked two men to a double sided bench and each had a full set of tools to work with. Working together was interesting because it gave you someone to bounce ideas and questions off of without having to involve the instructors.