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Monday, February 22, 2010

Around the farm this winter...

We ended up with three roosters suddenly:-) Not sure where a couple of them came from, but the crowing has got to stop. Our poor guests like roosters, but when one starts at 2:00 a.m., which he did this past weekend when we had a group staying there, it waxed a little old. I think he'll make good soup.

We call him "soup-kitchen"

We had about 117 delicious large navel oranges this year on the one tree. It was so loaded down we had to brace its limbs with lumber. 

The Holidays...

This year, the holidays all ran together. Way too fast for me. They were over before I was ready to start. I hate it when that happens. At any rate, we had a wonderful time with the family being at the farm. Here are just a few images that I grabbed to post. 

Grey Ensey on his new Christmas green 4-wheeler.... the push kind:-)

Papa G and Grey enjoy a break from the frenzy! Heads kind of look similar. 

Kevin Sumrall and Lauren Gibson's baby girl, Chloe. 

Molly and the two German guests. Schlitz and Schutz or something like that. Maybe not. 

The farm house was charming this Christmas...

Caroline as a fireperson... It is pretty real because she is also in her pajamas and firemen do have to jump and run in the middle of the night. So there. 

This is a charming photo. Especially as Granny lay's in Conroe Regional Hospital with a couple heart-attacks under her belt. Well actually, I suppose they would be above the belt. 

What a sunset!

I was driving to the farm here a couple weeks back late in the evening, and before me was one of the pretty Texas sunsets. So, with the iPhone in hand, I captured this and about 40 other shots as the sun sank below the horizon. I really like this shot. The salmon color in the clouds is just beautiful.

Now, let me apologize for my absence. This past few months have been extremely busy, and I readily admit that I went into absentia on the blogs. Both this one and the farm blog just didn't make the cut on the priority list. But, I'll do my best to do some catching up here this week if I can. I have a huge backlog of photos to post. I'll see what I can get done. Galen