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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mikki Turns 50!

The family had dinner at Rainbow Lodge in celebration of Mikki turning 50. We had a wonderful time and Mikki got a longtime wish, Spode Woodlands China. She's still a very beautiful girl, even if I do say so myself.

Two days before, Amber turned 29, and a day before that the babies turned one. Birthday's for everyeone!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Party Animals!

After we had our gift opening for the adplex executive team and their kids, we took the kids on a hay ride and out to see the animals. They loved it. The baby donkeys were adorable.

Kevin McKee snags a 7.25 pounder!

Kevin stuck with the Executive Christmas party as long as he could stand it. Finally, he and John Leonard found their way to the lake. John called it quits but not Kevin. We heard him yelp and we headed down there on the Ranger. We actually got there from the house right as he landed it. 7.25 lbs, and that was on a net-scale, which isn't right. That thing was probably closer to 8! His mouth was so large that Kevin could put his fist in it. A beauty. And, she's back in the lake awaiting spawning season next year:-)


Sunday, December 10, 2006

The real Chief!

Caroline, Chief (Bryan) and Brody at the birthday party.

Brody and Caroline are turning ONE!

Mikki never fails to find the perfect costume for me:-) I've always wanted to dress as an Irish Indian Chief, and come out in front of a group of friends. Always! And I got my chance Saturday. We had Brody and Caroline's 1st Birthday Party at Go Away. As you can see in this picture, we had a great group of kids there. Left to right: Mia Elder, PapaG, Kaci, MikMik, Katie, Caroline, Drew and Brody.

In the bottom picture, Brody points and says, "look mom, look at these nuts dressed like indians". Well, he can't talk yet at all, but he had to be thinking it at least. But we had fun anyway!

Drew and Brody on the old horse

Believe it or not, this horse got a new mane and tail Friday evening. He (or she) is 23 years old this year. Bandaddy made her (it) and I can guarantee you that its gone through some rough riding along the way.

Valori and Ella

I can't believe that Valori (Cameron-Alfonso) has a baby. Wow! To me, it seems that she should still be a little girl.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Caroline and Amber at Homestead

Caroline and Amber at Homestead, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Brody, Caroline and Amber taking a Kettle Korn break on the Friday after Thanksgiving at Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott, Texas.

These two!

These two!, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

At Homestead Heritage on Thanksgiving Weekend. This is a perfect representation of their personalities. Happy and inquisitive.

MikMik and Caroline walking at Homestead

Here we go. Let the fun begin:-)

Twins at Go Away

Twins at Go Away, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Thanksgiving Day, 2006

Mik Watching the Fishing

Mik Watching the Fishing, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I like this picture. This is on Thanksgiving day and Mikki was sitting on the pier watching her family fish.

Thanksgiving Fishing

Thanksgiving Fishing, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Kevin, Gay, Wayne and David fishing on Thanksgiving.

Bent Turkeys

Bent Turkeys, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Jared VanBrauene, our creative director at adplex is so fast with this kind of stuff. We were having dinner in the conference room and he just walks up, picks up his marker and made turkeys from our bent pencils. Pretty cool.