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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bathtime after a long day outside at the farm...

Amber caught this shot as the trio of grand babies were ending their day Saturday after being outside most of the day playing in the sand, water and with the animals. They were ready for their bath. The twins are 2.2 years old, and Jack is 11 months. These are priceless shots!

Twins caught in the late afternoon light at Go Away Farm

The late Winter afternoon light is so rich. It is the perfect time to take photos in my opinion. Amber caught the babies at the lake when they took them there to fish and play on Saturday afternoon. These are some great photos. 

Liney at the lake.

Caroline and Brody posing on the spillway.

The sister / brother affection is so neat with twins. But the conflicts can be intense too:-)

Liney thought that the lake was too "dirty". She'll come around, maybe. 

You can't get too dirty or wet for Brody. 

Jack at 11 months!

Jonathan and Jack at home.
Jonathan, Jack and Molly at the breakfast table this past weekend.

Jack playing with the shovels in the sand. He loved it!

There is no questioning that Jack likes the dirt! He can play for about as long as you will let him stay and dig. That is a good sign for a boy. Boy's should like dirt. I'm certain that he'll also like the lake, fishing, swimming, hunting and the like with the Papa's that he has. 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A New Old Church building in Bellville, Texas

Granted, Bellville is a nice, quaint little country town West of Houston, but its not known for its pretty architecture! When the grand old courthouse burned to the ground back in the 60's the City Fathers rebuilt it into a block of cement and glass with very poor architecture. I hope they saved a lot of money because they ruined a fine old town center. The square in town has been kept pretty well other than the Wells Fargo brick bank building on the corner. Oh well, can't have everything I suppose. It is a town of fine, hard working people. 

But here recently, a little church was built up on Hacienda Street named Mill Creek Church. I have no idea what denomination it is nor do I really care for that matter. What I like is that someone said, "I want to build a new church that looks like an old church" and accomplished it. Here is the result. I took this the other night holding my camera without a flash out the window of a diesel truck (while running) and it was sprinkling a bit, so it isn't the best shot. Maybe later I can get a better shot. Nice building. Whoever you are that built this, thank you! It makes a nice statement for the city of Bellville. With all the stucco and styrofoam facades we're seeing these days on metal buildings, this nice little church is a breath of fresh air. 

Brody & Caroline came up to the farm this week

Mikki and I were at the farm this week to try to get the orchard and vines planted. We had rain on three of our days there that set us back a little. We'll get it completed this next week hopefully. Amber and Bryan got the chance to run up and stay a night while we were there. Of course, the kids wanted to be outside where MikMik was working in her garden. They were just adorable working with her in the garden.

Amber got Caroline and Brody to pose for a photo. Better get them hugging while we can:-)

Caroline loves broccoli and MikMik let her eat it fresh from the garden (no pesticides). She ate an entire pod, stem and all (short part of the stalk:-). 

Brody wanted to work, so MikMik fixed him up with his own garden belt and tools, along with the requisite seed spreader. As you will notice after close observation, he only has on one glove. The purpose is due to his sister wearing the other one. That is, until MikMik found that second pair. A couple mild fights broke out when Caroline tried to take the cutters away from him. Whew. That was ugly quick. He kind of liked those cutters. 

Jack Ensey at 11 Months Old

I was out in Camellia community last week and ran by to say hello to Jack and Molly. Jack came crawling to the door and popped up on his knees. I interrupted his spaghetti dinner:-) He loves being on the floor crawling around.

MikMik and Mr. Jack to day before Church. 

Dovie Ensey, or Mimi today after Church at the door. He was waving goodbye to everyone who left.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caroline & Brody go to their first Sunday School Class!

Today, I went over to the Sunday School building to catch Caroline and Brody coming out of their first Sunday School class. They were pretty happy campers. I asked them if they had been to Sunday School and Caroline said, no, eating cookies and playing with toys:-). Brody just licked his lips, which were covered in red jelly cookies of some sort. They seemed to really have a good time. 

Unfortunately, all I had on me was my iPhone camera and I think the lens must have been dirty. Looks a bit hazy to me.

At the Anderson's in Woodlawn, Louisiana

Mikki and I went over to Woodlawn, Louisiana to visit the Andersons. While there, they took us down to New Iberia and then to Abbeyville to eat at Black's. The shrimp were wonderfully fresh. I shot the garlic and onion shots in Paula's kitchen while my coffee was brewing on Sunday morning. The light was perfect and my new Sony digital camera handy, so I got after it.

I really love these two shots. They just look like paintings to me. And, I'd love to paint them too, but time is short right now. Maybe later you'll see these up on the kitchen wall at the farm. 

 We stopped in Abbeyville, Louisiana for dinner and across the street from Black's restaurant were these three Steen's Pure Cane Syrup storage tanks painted like the thousands of cans of the stuff I've consumed in my lifetime. There is really no telling how much Steen's Ribbon Cane Syrup I've had. I know they'd have gone out of business if the Walters' family hadn't come along at the right time. They're still making syrup in South Louisiana. 

Caroline & Brody at Go Away in January

The twins followed me out on the porch on a cold blistery day at the farm. They were up spending a couple days with us. Brody was sporting some brand new tennis shoes. The boy has square feet and shoes are hard to find.