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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Uncle Ed Collins Passes....

This photo of Uncle Ed was by Diane at Thanksgiving. He was talking to Keith and I out under Larry's carport. He was telling us about moving in where Aunt Oma Grace is, and he seemed pretty excited about the change. He passed away this morning early. He was 86 years old. Some of my fondest memories of Livingston are of Uncle Ed's massive garden, and the old red Farmall Cub that sat under his shed. I have driven thousands of miles on that thing and it never moved an inch. He got me off of it on many occasions:-) I'm sure more than he wanted. He called me Juggy which I wasn't sure if it was from fondness for me or a descriptor.

In more recent times, on the times we were at their house to visit, he was always inquisitive about what we were up to and how things were going. Mikki and I went there a couple years ago and got the full tour of Catawba worm raising, cooking and freezing for fish bait. He had an immaculate operation there on the hill in Polk County. My favorite uncle. Between he and aunt Oma Grace, and Uncle Oliver and aunt Audi, they took care of Granddaddy and Grandmother's place and of them. Living that close had to be quite the challenge. Today, that rarely happens. But those all seemed like good times to me, if they werent' perfect for them. Sure seemed so in my mind.

I've always wondered how he got rid of that cane patch....

We'll all miss him dearly!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The twins are 14 months old.

Caroline and Brody turn 14 months old. Seems like they can't be already, but then again, cousin Jack is standing at the door and knocking. I'm amazed at Caroline's crossed feet, only because Amber did the identical same thing as a baby. And that hat on Brody is just the thing to make him look even more mischevious. She's walking, he thinks he is.

The barn at Go Away progresses

We are close to putting the cedar on the exterior. The cement was poured last week (they pour it last on these Morton buildings). Next we start the interior walls. We'll be very close if we make April 20 target date. Its coming together.

Brody at 14 months...

This was at Molly's shower at adplex. His little haircut made him look older. He is a rascal.

Boy, have I changed...

This is a long way from Mt. Houston road and the sack of cats, huh Llewel?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mik and her Siblings

Gay, Mikki, Darlene and Wayne when they were kids up at Thicket, Texas, their family's weekend place. I think this is a very cute photo of Mikki and her siblings. She reminds me of when Molly was little.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mik and I go to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday

James Taylor playing his guitar on Sweet Baby James.... Awesome concert at the Orpheum Theatre on Friday night, February 16. My birthday present. Third row, third and fourth seats. A wonderful concert!
I shot four images from above the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday. I stitched them together digitally and wala, this is what I got. This is shot with the little 5 mp Canon camera. It is great.

Brody in Cast with that smile

Mr. Brody fell down the stairs at home and fractured his tibia. He is now out of the cast and doing well, however, he still swings that leg out to the side like a crab when he crawls. It's hillarious. You don't see him without that bottle hanging out of his mouth. That little separation is going to be fun to watch at a distance.

King Ranch 2007, Two hunts

Hunt No. 1, Terry Sabom, Bill Dietz (Norwest), Mike Hall (Norwest) and me at King Ranch in early February.
Hunt No. 2, Terry Sabom, me, Mark Monaco (Brooklyn Partners), and Jim Johnson (Summit Park Partners) at King Ranch
What goes through your chaps and pants....

Two Quail, a 410 Over-and-Under, and Me

I had a very good hunt this past week at King Ranch. We had two guests without guns, so I borrowed a 410 shotgun from Luther Young, our guide. I killed four bobwhite with it. The ultimate upland game bird hunting accomplishment, per Mike Hall.