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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The old Hostetter Farm Place

Sneak Peak of the old Hostetter Place from the Road

Some of you know already that we have purchased and are working on a small 800 square ft. 100+ year old farm house in New Waverly, Texas. We are finalizing the place as we speak and should be ready to move there (temporarily) around mid August. It has turned out nicely and we are looking forward to what the Hostetter Place will become. But in the interim of all the dreaming, planning and working, we will be moving to the small house and taking up residence there while we work on all the other elements of our plan. It should be quite interesting because we have more furniture in a storage unit than will fit in that entire place. We haven't lived in 800 sq ft since we were married and lived in the old "war-home" in Galena Park, Texas on 14th Street. Memories what memories... But, we're going to give it a try.

I'll be posting a series of images from when we began the project the first day after closing, until we move in it. There is such a transformation that it's almost unreal. You won't recognize the place from beginning to end. We've been blessed to have a great contractor / carpenter / fire fighter work with us on the project, as well as Jarvis Pitts, Amber's husband and our son-in-law. It would have been better if we'd have done the entire project in winter I think. The heat has been tough on them, but we charged up the AC Tuesday and it is unbelievably better. Cary Castleberry and his company provided a top-notch Lennox two stage AC unit and it is handling the little hacienda quite handily. Can't even hear it run.

So stand by for images that will show the start to finish process. You'll most likely get a kick out of it. Should be within the next couple weeks.

Have a wonderfully warm summer. Lord send the rain!