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Monday, September 25, 2006

Rita Arrives!

Rita Arrives!, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

One year after Hurricane Rita hit South Texas, little Rita is here in the flesh. She was born sometime between Friday and Saturday last week. She is tiny and is already kicking. Gracie, also named after being born during a Tropical Depression a few years back, is her Mom.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Faith and Surprise

Faith and Surprise, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Wayne Sumrall took his little Kojack (jack) up to Go Away during the hurricane last year for just a few days, but it seems it was enough. We have a Surprise on our hands. In fact, we have several Surprises on our hands as two more appear pregnant as well. We thought they looked very fat from grass.

Bucky and Mr Brody

Bucky and Mr Brody, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Knowing that Brody doesn't lay a hand on anything lightly, I can just imagine how he placed his hand on Bucky. He hasn't figured out "easy" yet. Great photo.

Bucky and Caroline

Bucky and Caroline, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Beat that photo!...

Bucky & Caroline

Bucky & Caroline, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I love this picture. I know they won't remember Bucky, nor will they remember ever petting a deer, but at 9 months to sit in a yard and have a deer lay next to you is pretty amazing. This was Sept 19 at Go Away. Amber took the photo.

Studley Tool Box

Studley Tool Box, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I think this is an incredible piece of art, photo, and an awesome tool display. Can you imagine anyone being able to keep their tools like this? I bet he was hard to live with. This is from the 40's or 30's.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let's share!

deer & cat, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Well, we tried to feed the deer milk for fawns from a bottle and nothing worked. But when we poured it in a bowl and the cat started lapping it all up, the deer changed his tune (yes, its a buck) and dove in. He cleaned the bowl twice. He's also eating deer chow and calf manna. I stopped today and took down a couple vines of muscadine grapes. He loves those.

Mik & Deer & Cat

Mik & Deer & Cat, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Look closely at the cat's eyes.... its funny! There is a lack of trust there that shows in that look on its face.

This is right down Mikki's alley. Now if I could find a cougar and a baby elephant.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Fawn and I

The Fawn and I, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

What a wonderful experience. It reminded me of the falconry experience last year in Ireland. I knelt down and she just came up and got up against me. She has some deep cuts but we got some antiseptic wash and cleaned them and then applied Neosporum. She should be good to go. We'll get her up to a size where she can get along by herself and hopefully she'll hang around the place. A wonderful addition to Go Away!

A beauty at Go Away!

A beauty at Go Away!, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I drove up to Go Away today to meet the electric company. When I arrived Isidro put down his Weed Eater and pointed to a fawn who was following him around the yard. He said he'd put her out three times and every time she came back in the yard. She took to me and the kittens the same way. She seemed like she liked it there so I went to town and bought deer chow and some milk and a bottle. The kids and Mikki will love her (or him... I didn't bother to look).

Mik and Coal Walters

Mik and Coal, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Mikki got a new house family member named Coal. A very smart and large standard Poodle. He's a rascal and already minding. Coal Walters.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mr. Brody Howdy

Mr. Brody Howdy, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

This is too funny!

Caroline and the Go Away Cats

Caroline and the Go Away Cats, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

One of my favorite photos of Caroline. She was at Go Away on the first weekend of September 2006.

Caroline and the cats

Caroline and the cats, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I like this. She loves the cats at the farm.

Mr. Brody and that laugh

Mr. Brody and that laugh, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

The boy has a great laugh. At the farm the first weekend in September 2006.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oh my! He's Up! Watch out!

He's Up!, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Brody crawls at Mik Mik and Papa G's this week. At 8-1/2 months he's revving up for the big walk. Oh my! That is going to be a treat:-) He's a big chunk and has a great laugh.

At MikMik's

At MikMik's, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Brody contemplating going over and taking Caroline's solitary toy. Which he does over and over.

Just leave me alone...

Just leave me be..., originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Miss Caroline at Mik Mik's this week playing with her solitary toy. She is so sweet and loves to just be left to play.

Two of the Three New Cats at Go Away

What friends we have:-) The Anderson's shared with us a few of the kittens from two back-to-back litters they had over in Louisiana. We got them last weekend (end of August, 2006). They are now called the "Three Sisters of Go Away" because I can't remember their names. Sweet kittens.