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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Molly and Jonathan make THE announcement

Wow! We are headed for a March 13th landing of our third grand baby. That is unbelievable. Congratulations to Molly and Jonathan! Seems they aren't old enough until we consider that we were about their age... How can it be?


#3!, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Okay, we're going to be grandparents again. I can't believe it. Our baby having a baby and we are barely old enough for kids. Well, maybe that's not quite accurate, but it feels so.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On the Road in our Alpenlite Camper

Mikki and I left July 1, 2006 and spent a couple days driving 1671 miles to Jackson Hole from Houston. When we arrived, it was in the afternoon and we were tired, to say the least. We camped where we had planned, at the Gros Ventre Campground on Gros Ventre Road out of Jackson, but in view of the Tetons and on the Gros Ventre River. It was okay but too many trailers (360+). So, on the third day we moved 12 miles up Gros Ventre Road to Crystal Creek Campground, which is a National Forest Campground, versus a National Park Campground. The difference is that the National Forest camps are typically more remote and without hookups (but the National Park camp had neither). We were on the Gros Ventre River at the intersection of Crystal Creek, one of the top trout rivers in Wyoming. It was grand and we loved every minute of it. Mikki fixed a wonderful breakfast a couple mornings as if we were in a fine restaurant. I got to fly fish and take in the wild. We saw an amazing amount of wildlife. The trip to Colorado from Wyoming was beautiful as we took Highway 191 South from Jackson Hole, to Rock Springs, Wy., into Utah past the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area and that was a sight to see. We also went through the Ashley National Forest which was the most beautiful stand of Aspen trees and low growing Spruce that we've ever seen. The mule deer in this forest was unbelievalbe. They literally were everywhere. We stayed the night in Vernal, Utah (great little city), then on to Craig, Colorado and Steamboat Springs, then to Breckenridge. We are here now and are enjoying a big shower:-) We showered 9 nights in the camper, and that is a small shower. But it is fine if you set your mind to it. Enjoy the images. Galen

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In the Pool on July 4, 2006

In the Pool on July 4, 2006, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

July 4th at their home pool. I like the BMW hats:-) Great picture!

PappaG and Mr Brody

PappaG and Mr Brody, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I love this picture! Amber took it at the Galveston house in June. Similar heads:-)

Ms Caroline

Ms Caroline, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Dig them glasses.

Mr Brody

Mr Brody, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Brody and Caroline were in their stroller at Galveston in June with MikMik, Amber, Bitti, Gay and Granny. Brody loves his sun glasses and doesn't try to take them off.

Stunning scenery!

We decided to drive to Breckenridge via highway 191 South out of Rock Springs, Wyoming to Vernal, Utah. We wanted to see what the Flaming Gorge looked like. Before we ever got to Flaming Gorge, we saw this view to our left as the sun was setting. Amazing drive. The Ashley National Forests in Utah is one of the most beautiful I've personally ever seen. And, we have never seen so many mule deer in one place. They literally were all over the place. It is a very long drive, but worth every minute.

Mik fishing on Crystal Creek

Mik fishing on Crystal Creek, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Mikki was standing right here when I broke my Orvis fly road on that stump sticking out (in front of her).

Leaving the Gros Ventre River camping trip

When we were leaving, a mother Elk and her baby ran to the edge of this hill and I jumped out and tried to find them to photograph them. When I was coming down I saw this and wanted to capture it. Nice rig. Close quarters. You have to time everything you do to be at a different spot from the other one.

Mik & Galen fishing at Soda Lake Wyoming

Mik and I drove the 16 miles up the rock road and then a mile up a jeep road in the F350 4WD to a place called Soda Lake. Three years ago there was a fish kill here for some reason not explained and we went to see how it was. They must have been dead still. No bites.

Galen fly fishing on the Gros Ventre River

Mik caught me from the camp. I was at the intersection of the Gros Ventre River and Crystal Creek. I actually caught a small cut throat trout at this point.

Gros Ventre River, Wyoming

Gros Ventre River, Wyoming, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I had the time of my life fly fishing on the Gros Ventre River.

Sky on fire

Sky on fire, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Saturday afternoon as the sun was setting.

Camp at Crystal Creek Wyoming

Camp at Crystal Creek Wyoming, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Beat that for a camp site!

Deer at the camp

Deer at the camp, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Our first afternoon setting up our camp at Crystal Creek out of Kelly Wyoming, two doe walked out of the island between the Gros Ventre River and Crystal Creek and onto the bank next to our camper. It was almost like a welcome to us.

Buffalo at the Tetons

Buffalo at the Tetons, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

We saw so much wildlife. Buffalo, Moose, Coyotes, Elk, Hawks, Golden Eagle, all sorts of ground hogs, squirrels and something that looks similar to a miniture dinosaur, a snake, fish, mule deer and antelope. It was awesome.

Amazing Tetons

Amazing Tetons, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

With no foothills, the Grand Tetons are on equal footing to New Zealand's Southern Alps out of Queenstown, NZ. Stunning beauty!

Mik and the Grand Tetons

Mik and the Grand Tetons, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Beauty on all accounts!

Twin Mules and the Grand Tetons

Twin Mules and the Grand Tetons, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

We were driving the Grand Teton National Park on our second day there and spotted this pair of red mules and stunning Teton backdrop. I just had to capture it.