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Thursday, April 22, 2010

San Dimas California after a stormy night...

I am out in San Dimas staying in the 5th Wheel RV while on a project for Go Think! I went to bed last night with it storming and pouring rain. This morning I awoke to one of the more beautiful sunrises and scenes I've ever witnessed. This was taken right out the desk window in the trailer. You could stay in worst places, trust me. These were taken about 30 minutes apart. Notice the clouds just blew off... must have been that nasty wind I flew through on the way here. Wow. What a ride down into Ontario that was. 

When I looked out the window, I couldn't believe the brilliance of the colors, the mountains, the fresh snow from last night and the clouds. 

Pretty hard to beat this location!  

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I love this RV'ing!

If you follow this blog much, you may remember a photo similar to this, (way too similar) back in September of 2009. That was the last major trip we took with the trailer. We lost the rear tire on the passenger side and had plenty of room to get off the shoulder and change the tire... that was somewhere between Albequrque NM and Amarillo Tx. This trip, we were about one mile East of Deming N.M. on I-10 W in a 35 mph Southerly wind gusting to 50 mph, when I lost the front tire on the driver's side, and had a narrow shoulder. The truckers were nice (almost all of them), except one Fed-Ex dual-trailer-driver who passed me with his tire on the white stripe and a grin on his face. Not sure if he was trying to spook me or I looked like his Dad. Not quite sure. Made me tense up a bit though. If that was his aim, it worked. I went directly into Deming to Big O and purchased all new 10 ply E-rated tires (had D rated) with 5500 lb ratings. This tire changing event hopefully is over for a while. At least while we are parked in the RV park:-)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend at the farm. The kids are at that perfect age to enjoy everything about this season. They can hunt the same eggs over and over, eat so much sugary candy that they almost pop and fly off... I'm not sure what we're thinking when we load them up with candy, but hey, it seems to be part of the tradition of easter... bunnies, eggs, and dyed chicks are equally as confusing to me. Not sure where it all started. But anyway, we had a great weekend.

Jack came dressed in standard farm uniform. Doesn't get any cuter than this.
He also loaded up on Easter eggs.

Caroline found a ton of eggs

Brody loaded up too

Grey is figuring it all out. Actually figured out how to drive the 4wheeler by himself. At 18 months!

Baby Grey learned to ride the scooter! He was hillarious.

Caroline is growing up. Her hair is beautiful. 

Jack and his Peeps! They devoured a few boxes of this sugary-sticky goodness.

Brody on the bridge.

Liney on the bridge with her boots on. "They're the only thing I could find"

While they'll still hold hands...

Doesn't get any sweeter than this! 
The bluebonnets are out in abundance this year. 

Liney on the road, headed back to the house.

Brody with the donkeys.

Caroline with the donkeys.

Brody made the mistake of feeding them his Graham Cracker... 
then he had to negotiate his way out of the dilemma. 

Brody and Amber

Andrew fishing 

Caroline at the windmill.

Brody has the fishing-bug bad... 
He fished for hours and caught more than all of us combined.

Brody can catch fish even with a girl's rod and reel.

Andrew and Andy.. instruction time.

Jarvis Pitts fishing from the gazebo.

Just fishing...

Amber caught me and Brody casting at the same time.

Brody got a kick out of the fly fishing. Fun to get back out and fish. Seems like forever. Caught a couple small bass.