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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Walters' 2012 Cousin's Reunion

This past Friday, January 20, 2012, my 58th birthday, we had a Walters' counsins reunion at Catfish King in Livingston, Texas. We had a good time, but it was too short. I was hopeful of gaining some knowledge of my Walters' kinfolk and having more time to talk about families. It's embarrassing, but I know so little about them all. My Aunt Lunelle was kind enough to share some old photos with us all. I'll post them when I get them scanned. One is of Grandmother Maud Walters and a lot of her 9 children in front of her Oleander Hotel in Livingston with the old Hudson car. A very neat photo. 

Me and Uncle John Stevens. I've always admired him. The most gracious uncle.  But then again, I wasn't around him enough to get on his nerves (very bad:-)

Benny and Delana Fogelman

The whole group of us. Seated: Snooks (Carole), Uncle John, Aunt Lunell, Aunt Eloise,
Middle Row: Bunky, Geral, Walter, Carol, Jeannie, Betty, Tamara, Bobby, Dana (Snook's daughter), Back Row: Galen, Joe, George, Anita, Paul, Kitty, Delana, Benny and Peyton

The cousins and our Uncle John, Aunt Lunelle and Aunt Eloise

Me and cousin Peyton Walters

Monday, January 02, 2012

Trip to the deep South...

Mikki and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Charleston and the deep South. What food! What relaxation. We've loved driving the countryside and looking at the architecture of this fine historical city. We visited the Charleston Museum today and got a great overview of the wars and the plantation / slave age. Amazing history here. On Saturday we visited Beaufort, SC. Wonderful architecture there as well, but the highlight was the lighthouse.


The cast-iron stairs in the lighthouse

Looking North from the top of the lighthouse

This is a garage with an apartment overhead... Love the smile! Saw this on a website for Frederick & Frederick architects weeks back and just happened to drive up on it. 

Probably the narrowest building I've ever seen. Downtown Charleston. Maybe 9 ft? 10ft? 

Old window in Charleston

Doors wonderfully refinished, or rebuilt. Couldn't really tell, but well done, either way.

Fair to Middling... this has to be where it originated. King Cotton! 

Remember this? Unfortunately I do...