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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Koji the farm dog

Kogi the farm dog, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Kogi, our Shiba Inu, is a wonderful farm dog. We love him there and I believe that he loves it there even more than we do. You should see him after the composter barrel. Weird. He hears it sweak when you rotate it and he freaks.

The snake that ate the chick...

The snake that ate the chick..., originally uploaded by galenwalt.

Its a good thing that Mikki doesn't look at this site, or she'd make me take this down immediately. I was putting dirt around the base of the chicken house to stop something from getting our eggs and our only baby chick, when I saw out of the corner of my eye, that something. We rained on his parade.

Go Away in mid Summer 06

Go Away in mid Summer 06, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

No matter how hot the summer day, late in the evening it gets really nice. This was taken last weekend (8.11.06).

Mik MIk and Ms. Caroline at 8 Months!

Mik MIk and Ms. Caroline, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

I can't believe its been 8 months yesterday..... They are so cute and such messes already.

Ms Caroline and Mr Brody Clowning

Brody has had so many photos taken that when the red-eye light comes on, he closes his eyes so the flash won't hurt his eyes. Here's an example:-)

Shane and Kali

daddy and kali, originally uploaded by galenwalt.

They said this was applesause, but it looks like butterscotch. Kali looks like Llewel to me.