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Friday, November 26, 2010

Memories... and a couple thoughts I'd like to share

To the family: If you'd like to take a walk down memory lane, and not too awfully long ago, click on the link on the left, "January 2005" and scroll through the photos of the family we took at the farm that New Year's Day. There is one image especially impressive of the family all together on the steps of the farm house (a few images down) of Aunt Oma Grace and Uncle Ed setting in the rockers, along with Mary Ann and Larry and a host of us on the front porch of the farm. Neat to see today. I'm so very proud I started blogging that holiday in the living room. I'll never forget it. I thought, "how silly and crazy to commit to doing this with my busy schedule"... but today, in hindsight, I'd take nothing for every post. And I'll keep posting. You don't have to come often, and there are weeks and maybe months that I don't post much, but I will eventually post when I feel like posting:-) (now there's a Walters' attitude:-). 

We are so blessed as a family. We've have quite the heritage. My parents and extended family, although they didn't all believe the same from a spiritual point of view, nor did they necessarily live the same... some were country folk and some city folk... but they were all workers. And cooks. And fine people. Upstanding citizens of the United States of America. Some were proud military men that I'm proud of. I'm proud of our heritage and plan to uphold it and model it in my life. 

In these short five years, our family has been blessed with 5 grand children... Brody & Caroline (Amber's), Jack, Grey and now Annie Jane (Molly). All unique characters for sure. All smart. All a blessing in a special way all their own. And I love them all. 

This last year saw the loss of Larry and Mary Ann Walters. My goodness, how I sorely miss them. This Thanksgiving there was a hole. And, an empty chair at the fire pit. I couldn't hardly go out there without looking for Larry in that Coastal Flow jacket drinking a cup of coffee, and watching the kids and fire. He always asked how and what I was doing. I'll forever miss them! 

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14

I'm ready. You?

November 26, 2010

Annie Jane Day Two...

We went to the hospital about 11:00 a.m. so we could see Annie. Seemed that she had changed overnight! Molly was ecstatic that she had slept four hours between feedings all night.  While we were there, Brody and Caroline showed up with Amber to get their first glimpse of Annie Jane and to get to hold her. The following are a few of the day's images.

Mik Mik and Annie Jane... yawning

Liney, Annie Jane and Papa G

Brody and Annie

Annie cracking an eye open to see who the kids in the room are... 

Annie and Liney... Liney reacting to Aunt Molly saying, "Caroline, I'll pay you $5 to baby sit for me"... Cute. 

Doesn't get any prettier or sweeter than this! Annie and Liney. We are blessed! What a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

I think this was a monumental moment for Caroline. She was struck by Annie. I think she'd have sat there all day and held her if Brody hadn't been ready to go get the Christmas tree cut at the tree farm. He was raring and ready to go. 

I wanted a photo of Annie without the hat. Look at that hair. That is not a typical Walters' head, or hair:-)

Annie Jane fast asleep.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Annie Jane Ensey has arrived!

Annie arrived at 3:35 pm Thanksgiving Day. She is a little butterball (pun intended:-). 7 lbs, 4 oz., and 19-3/4" long. Kind of looks like Clara, kind of like Molly and a little like Jonathan. Black hair. Mikki was preparing Thanksgiving lunch at the town house when Jonathan called and said that they were headed to the hospital. So much for lunch. But, we could not have had a nicer Thanksgiving. And we are so thankful that Annie and Mom are healthy.  More tomorrow...and the next day...

Annie was one hour old here.

Molly and Annie

Getting some rest after her first eventful day.