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Sunday, February 10, 2008

At the Anderson's in Woodlawn, Louisiana

Mikki and I went over to Woodlawn, Louisiana to visit the Andersons. While there, they took us down to New Iberia and then to Abbeyville to eat at Black's. The shrimp were wonderfully fresh. I shot the garlic and onion shots in Paula's kitchen while my coffee was brewing on Sunday morning. The light was perfect and my new Sony digital camera handy, so I got after it.

I really love these two shots. They just look like paintings to me. And, I'd love to paint them too, but time is short right now. Maybe later you'll see these up on the kitchen wall at the farm. 

 We stopped in Abbeyville, Louisiana for dinner and across the street from Black's restaurant were these three Steen's Pure Cane Syrup storage tanks painted like the thousands of cans of the stuff I've consumed in my lifetime. There is really no telling how much Steen's Ribbon Cane Syrup I've had. I know they'd have gone out of business if the Walters' family hadn't come along at the right time. They're still making syrup in South Louisiana. 


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