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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I love this RV'ing!

If you follow this blog much, you may remember a photo similar to this, (way too similar) back in September of 2009. That was the last major trip we took with the trailer. We lost the rear tire on the passenger side and had plenty of room to get off the shoulder and change the tire... that was somewhere between Albequrque NM and Amarillo Tx. This trip, we were about one mile East of Deming N.M. on I-10 W in a 35 mph Southerly wind gusting to 50 mph, when I lost the front tire on the driver's side, and had a narrow shoulder. The truckers were nice (almost all of them), except one Fed-Ex dual-trailer-driver who passed me with his tire on the white stripe and a grin on his face. Not sure if he was trying to spook me or I looked like his Dad. Not quite sure. Made me tense up a bit though. If that was his aim, it worked. I went directly into Deming to Big O and purchased all new 10 ply E-rated tires (had D rated) with 5500 lb ratings. This tire changing event hopefully is over for a while. At least while we are parked in the RV park:-)


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