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Thursday, April 22, 2010

San Dimas California after a stormy night...

I am out in San Dimas staying in the 5th Wheel RV while on a project for Go Think! I went to bed last night with it storming and pouring rain. This morning I awoke to one of the more beautiful sunrises and scenes I've ever witnessed. This was taken right out the desk window in the trailer. You could stay in worst places, trust me. These were taken about 30 minutes apart. Notice the clouds just blew off... must have been that nasty wind I flew through on the way here. Wow. What a ride down into Ontario that was. 

When I looked out the window, I couldn't believe the brilliance of the colors, the mountains, the fresh snow from last night and the clouds. 

Pretty hard to beat this location!  


Blogger naive said...

beautiful views :)

5/07/2010 6:57 AM  

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