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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Uncle Ed Collins Passes....

This photo of Uncle Ed was by Diane at Thanksgiving. He was talking to Keith and I out under Larry's carport. He was telling us about moving in where Aunt Oma Grace is, and he seemed pretty excited about the change. He passed away this morning early. He was 86 years old. Some of my fondest memories of Livingston are of Uncle Ed's massive garden, and the old red Farmall Cub that sat under his shed. I have driven thousands of miles on that thing and it never moved an inch. He got me off of it on many occasions:-) I'm sure more than he wanted. He called me Juggy which I wasn't sure if it was from fondness for me or a descriptor.

In more recent times, on the times we were at their house to visit, he was always inquisitive about what we were up to and how things were going. Mikki and I went there a couple years ago and got the full tour of Catawba worm raising, cooking and freezing for fish bait. He had an immaculate operation there on the hill in Polk County. My favorite uncle. Between he and aunt Oma Grace, and Uncle Oliver and aunt Audi, they took care of Granddaddy and Grandmother's place and of them. Living that close had to be quite the challenge. Today, that rarely happens. But those all seemed like good times to me, if they werent' perfect for them. Sure seemed so in my mind.

I've always wondered how he got rid of that cane patch....

We'll all miss him dearly!


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