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Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring has sprung...

Wonder what this guy is thinking... "Where was I when they were looking for the Geico ghekko?", "After a frigid night there isn't a much better perch than a warm copper surface"... or maybe "wish the guy with the camera and that stupid hat would move along", or "if that bug will not turn back around I can pounce on him and have some breakfast", or possibly, "wow, that was a cold night. Need to find a warmer spot for tonight and a few bugs to eat...can't stay here long." Whatever he is thinking he is ever watchful for the guy with camera at his backside through that window. He only sat here and humored me for a couple minutes and then he lurched about 4 ft to a branch and scurried off.

We'll, we're underway with our compost tea operation. We are spraying the pastures and working all the little "bugs" out of the system, the compost mix and the machinery. Our early experiences are showing that the sand in our soil that we mix with our compost is creating a lot of filter issues. We are going to alter the mix so that we eliminate the sand issue. Lot of work and time cleaning filters repeatedly. We have sprayed most of the pastures this week and will start tomorrow on the orchard, yard and vines.
The fruit trees all budded out last week. We got things pruned and ready to go. Spring is a beautiful time of the year. It speaks to life in such a wonderful way.


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