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Friday, January 09, 2009

The twins turn 3!

Time has flown since Brody and Caroline joined the our family. And there are a thousand laughs to go along with the few years they've been around. What a treat to get to watch them grow up. I'm so glad we live close by them and that they get to come to the farm as often as they do. We are blessed. This year, their third birthday, Amber wanted to hold it at the farm, and so we did. It was quite the gathering. 
Our customary hay ride. Who'd of dreamed that Bryan Saintes and P.J. Dial would be Dads riding on a hay ride with their kids?
Let the fun begin!
P.J. Dial and his oldest daughter.
Elbert... no wait, that's Jack. He really does have some of my Dad's features. Especially the shape of his head. But I see Ensey there too.
Caroline and Brody on the Polaris Ranger. 
It doesn't get much sweeter than this. 
Or this...
Okay, maybe this.
There you go Brody. Just hold it and beat it up until you get candy:-)
Andrew tries out his baseball bad skills on the pinata.
Brody gets a Bosch chain saw. Just what we needed. A three year old with a saw.
Bryan, Caroline, Amber and Brody.  
The twins and happy Jack.... :-) This will be priceless!
Ready to dive in.
What a neat photo of the Brody, Jack and Caroline. 
Molly and Grey.
Jonathan and Grey.
Andy and Grey. Everybody got a turn.
Gray's first laugh! I hope to see alot of that!


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