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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quail Hunt on the Arrowhead Ranch in McCook, Texas

Mark Monoco, Luther the Guide and me with a handfull of wild Bobwhite quail after a successful chase. We were hunting in weird super-dry conditions with Southerly winds exceeding 30 mph at time with birds flushing at about 3 feet off the ground. 

I'd really be content watching the dogs do what they're bred and trained to do. Point. Here, a shorthair is on a covey with the Britney Spaniel. They're absolutely amazing animals. 
Mark Monoco, Terry Sabom, Jim Johnson and me toward the end of our second day.
Beauty in the draught! Here in a draw I stumbled upon a Mesquite tree in bloom. The contrast was beautiful. 
Click on the photo and look at the center of the image and you'll see about 24 gobbler turkeys. Now, look to the left of the image and you'll see a horse sized Orix.
Our annual pilgrimage to King Ranch has been upset by a dearth of birds and a conservation effort to replenish the natural population of Bobwhite Quail. This year our guide, Luther Young, established a new lease on the Arrowhead Ranch out of McAllen, Texas near McCook. The accommodation were great and the hunting very good considering this was their second year to hunt quail on land that had previously been farm land. Great efforts are underway to return the land to its original state and a haven for birds. 


Anonymous George said...


Found your post on McCook Quail Hunt through google....Can I share your Arrowhead post with my site?

Log in if you want to join....either way enjoyed your pics and post...

4/05/2009 7:38 PM  

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