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Friday, January 30, 2009

December is Birthday time at the Walters'

This year, we broke with our tradition of dining at Rainbow Lodge for the new Hubbell & Hudson Bistro in The Woodlands. It was fabulous! With Brody & Caroline's birthday on December 19, Amber on the 20th and Mikki on the 22nd, we have to get creative to make it special. We've for years dined on the 21st at Rainbow Lodge. The Bistro was wonderful and the staff there did a nice job paying attention to our family. Very special. Mikki turned something less than me, and Amber turned 23 years less than me. Mikki cuts the decadent chocolate cake while Molly looks like she knows what's fixing to blow up. Luckily, it didn't blow. But the cake was very very rich and wonderful. 

The cake... Cary Attar, the proprietor of Hubbell & Hudson came in to sing happy birthday in some language and tone at an ear piercing volume. We had a good time. The girls loved it. They left older and happy. 


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