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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Walters Clan's Christmas 2008

This year, our Walters' family Christmas was missing our eldest brother Larry and his wife Mary Ann. Larry has had quite the order that started out as skin cancer and ended with a 17 hour operation to remove it. There is a lesson in there for all of us somewhere. We missed he and Mary Ann! They'll no doubt be back next year. We're counting on it. We met on the Saturday following Christmas and had a ton of folks there. About 57 were there at one time. Dana's husband Chris had to miss due to being out of the country on a job. We had our newest member of the family join us. Pam and her husband Patrick Nonenmacher drove in from Georgia, as did Angela's Wilba who had been missing in action for a couple years:-) It was great to have them there this year. Jenny and Charles babysitting Brody.

Chesney and John Dial out at the fire pit. 
Claire Walters climbing the rock wall. 
Rusty's twins Matthew and Michael, or Michael and Mathew, Jodie and Kacey 
Karyn and Reisha probably looking at the guys throwing those golf balls tied to strings at PVC pipe.... Who said we had to have expensive toys?
Jordyn listening to her iPod while laying in the wagon in a very uncomfortable position. 
Kacey seems a bit disconnected with Tank's visit to the hay ride. 
The donkey's took to the kids no doubt thinking that they were bearing Christmas treats. Wrong. 
A hay ride is always a bunch of fun...
As usual, the Walters' gathering in the kitchen. Florence, Harold and Sherry discuss whether they should put out Sherri's food or stash it in the fridge for later when everyone else is outside...
Let the eating begin...


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