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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our 2008 Christmas at the farm.

This year was a fun year. The babies are growing up enough to realize that there is bounty in those packages, whether they are theirs or ours:-) Mikki wanted to build a playground for the grand kids for their present this year, and I had the wisdom to think it would be a small project. I ordered the unit from an Amish group in Pennsylvania and it arrived the week of Christmas. When me, Andy and Isidro opened it up I knew we were in deep trouble. There was a large trash bag full of 3/8" nuts. That could only mean one of two things... they had mistakenly sent me a large bag of nuts for Christmas, or we had an equally large bag of bolts to attach them to. The latter was the case and three days later we had it together and ready for the attack of the infants. And attack they did. It should last them a long time. In fact, it will probably last long after they decide it is no longer cool to roll around in the sand. Let's hope that is a long time from now. Caroline lands upright.

Brody of course, can't land upright. Why land upright when you can roll around it the sand?
Jack loves to dig in the sand. 
I told Brody not to go all the way to the top. He didn't. I had to get him at this spot. He was hollering for me to come help.  
Molly unwrapping something.
A young Darrell Sumrall.. no wait, that's Grey Ensey and his mom Molly.
Molly and Jack.
Caroline got sick at Christmas and had to stay in and look out the window at Jack and Brody as they tormented Louie and Cole (poodles).
Jack, fully dressed outside. That diaper looks a little heavy.
Jonathan and Grey.
Caroline and Brody in their jammies.


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