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Friday, January 30, 2009

2008 Sumrall Christmas at Granny's

What a great image of our quartet. Brody (being Llewel:-), Jack, Caroline and little Grey. Goodness they're all growing up too fast. 

The highlight of Christmas was Granny's successful hip replacement success. I walked in and she just popped up out of a chair without the aid of her walking. Amazing! Here she is with Grey Ensey.  This is his first Christmas! 
Jack got himself a BMW motorcycle and the rest was just clutter....
Caroline got a doll that Amber is trying to get her to recognize, while Liney is mezmerized by the twist ties on a package:-)
Granny took a spin with most of the kids. Here she is with Jack.
Andrew, Grey and Caroline. Brody nor Jack would set still for photos. Too much stimuli.
Jack and Caroline pose for the camera. 


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