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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Garden at Go Away Farm

We are getting a freeze tonight at the farm. Mikki is getting her Mom settled back at home after a hip replacement surgery and I came to the farm to cover the Fall garden in preparation for tonight's frost. I was struck by the beauty of the vegetables and the late afternoon light. The colors were so rich that I really couldn't capture them with the camera. 

Peppers, broccoli, beans, Chinese cabbage, squash, mustard and collard greens were all ready to pick. The tomatoes are all blooming and one plant is loaded with large tomatoes. Covering it was like saying goodbye to the summer... and maybe it was. Of course, it is now that the navel oranges start to turn from green to orange. Last weekend, Diane cut a couple that had fallen from the tree and they were actually delicious, even though they weren't quite ripe enough. We ate them anyway. We have about 25 left on the tree. It is the first year of a large harvest from this three year old tree. It should bear well going forward. I can't wait for the next two years on the new fruit trees, grapes and berries. 
The good news from the front that passed is that all of the lakes are brimming full! That is so wonderful. 


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