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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow at Go Away Farm

We ran to the farm on Wednesday afternoon after Isidro called and said that we were without power. With it below freezing already and the power off, my imagination went into high gear... frozen geothermal lines and busted water pipes weren't of interest. So, we loaded up Amber's kids and headed up to start the generator. When we arrived, the power company had found a weak fuse and repaired it. We were all powered up, the heat was on and the place was fine. We stayed for two days to make sure pipes didn't burst...

Sure made setting by the fire in the living room alwfully nice.

We got a little snow and a lot of cold for SW Texas... We woke up to the place being white and 17 degrees... Now that's not Maine or even Lubbock temperatures, but with our humidity and thin blood, that's cold! It was a beautiful day. 

The fire pit, sans fire... It would have melted the snow. 

We had Brody and Caroline with us, and boy, did they ever enjoy the little snow we had.

Caroline and Brody dressed for the occasion.


Blogger MyrtleHernandez said...

Nice blog..especially the pictures..i wish i can go their and to feel and smell fresh air..

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