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Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Walters' Christmas at Go Away Farm

Christmas this year for the Walters' and extended families was held on New Year's weekend and was a very nice affair. We had some family show up as early as Thursday afternoon and others Friday and Saturday. All in all we had about 50 in attendance (but no one counted). The weather cooperated and a cool front arrived Friday mid morning and the fire pit went into action soon afterwards and is probably still burning as I write this on Sunday night... It is a pleasure to have a family that gets along and works together to enjoy events such as this. What are we without family? And Mexican Food? And home made desserts? And Mikki's coordination? And the farm? And a plumbing leak or two? :-)

My sister Sue and her husband Harold relaxing on the sofa in the living room following a sudsy Christmas gift to Harold that Sue got a kick out of... a bottle of Welch's Bubbly Grape Juice... I think it got left at the farm:-)

And here is my other sister Diane (in apron) with her daughters in law, Melissa and Stephanie (Keith's and Cary's wives).

And here is my brother Llewel, who is older than me and younger than Diane:-) with Cary.

Florence Fritz and Sue trying to figure out why it is so noisy in the great room.

And yes, this is Wilba Smith, Angela's husband. For real in the flesh! He lives....

Grey, Ethan, Jordyn, Clayton (Jordyn's friend), and Cory (in fake glasses and some kind of hat:-)

Grey and his dad Jonathan.

The hay ride went off without a hitch... wait, no, we had a hitch. Whatever. Here, enjoying the ride is Alec Castleberry, a friend of Camille Castleberry, Camille, Claire Walters, Abby and Zac Castleberry, Kelly Jo Mc Clendon and Caroline Saintes.

Brody Saintes gets a ball for the dogs... (that's where it probably ended up after a couple throws:-)

Alec Castleberry got a lame game and Cory Dial looks on thankful that Alec was so lucky.

Keith and Melissa Castleberry enjoying the quasi-White Elephant.

Mikki has a mean streak in her and bought some unsuspecting individual a hamster with it's own motorcycle exercising machine... Caryn was the lucky recipient, and Kelly Jo loves hamsters... and there you have it.

We were blessed to have Ethan Castleberry with us this year! Last year, we all got to talk to him via Skype in Iraq while he was there with the Army National Guard. He is home now in College Station and we are blessed that he made it safe and sound.

John Dial and Charles Ingram taking in the festivities.

Caroline Saintes and Casey McClendon enjoying watching others open interesting gifts.

And here is (crazy) John Dial modeling his festive drawers and hat that someone gave him.

Mack McClendon taking it all in awaiting his turn, which was last in a very long line.

Scott, Claire and Reisha Walters with their little sister in tow.

Coal Walters awaiting a scratch, or a bite, or eye contact.

Gizmo, Amber's smart little Boston Terrier. She holds her own with Louie and Coal.


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