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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas for sure!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday season this year. Our Christmas this year was on Sunday at the farm with our family, and it was grand. But, Christmas is like the culmination of a rash of activities surrounding four birthdays in four days leading us up to the big day... the twins birthday's are on the 19th, Amber on the 20th and Mikki on the 22nd... wheeee:-)

The kids fared well with lots of things we hope they can leave here at the farm. The adults in the family fared pretty well with a day that began with breakfast, then on to the tree with a few electronics, clothes, games, Wii's and such flying around. We had a wonderful day, capped off with Mikki cooking a fabulous dinner of rib-eye's in the iron skillet and a crazy game afterwards. All is well! Except for Molly's wisdom tooth about to explode out of her head.... Wow...

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! 

Brody at his birthday (Dec 19) party

Mik Mik and Caroline playing miniature golf at the birthday party

Birthday dinner was at Jasper's in The Woodlands

Mikki, Annie and Molly at Jaspers after dinner celebrating Amber and Mikki's birthdays which fall on the 20th and 22nd, on the heels of the twins on the 19th... then 

The Sumrall Chritmas melee at Molly's...

Chloe and Kevin Sumrall... all grown up and in the Air Force doing neat work to protect us here at home... Thanks Kevin! 

Annie on Christmas Eve Night awaiting Santa's arrival... No 1

Annie awaiting Santa, No. 2

Annie tired of waiting on Santa, No. 3

Caroline playing with her paper dolls... after Christmas at the farm

...and Brody, playing with little men... 

and Jack trying to figure out what to play with...

and Grey looking for Christmas next year... inside the house

and Mik Mik and Annie glad it's all over. She looks so grown up here, but she's only a month old... Lots of Christmases ahead! 


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