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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The grandkids at Christmas...

The Holiday Season is a fabulous time of year. In spite of all the craziness that exists and the hectic schedules we juggle around business and family, having these five little guys around has brightened the season for me. I am looking forward to Sunday when we have our Christmas together. Should bring a new meaning to chaos:-)

Liney, Jack and Brody... I think the girls were right about having all the grandkids close together... it is so much fun watching them grow up together. Jack is three, and Caroline and Brody turned five this Sunday the 19th. Hard to believe in some ways that they are five, and in others, it seems like that's just about right:-) 

Jack, with a skint lip, Jack, Brody in the poinsettias, Caroline and Annie all scrunched up... 

MikMik and Annie fast asleep at church.... It doesn't get any sweeter than this! 

I finally told Grey that he could blow on Papa G's trumpet. Seems to know what he's doing. The boy is fascinated with music... he asked his mom on the way to church if he could go up and hit on the "snare drum"... then he asked about the "tom tom"... she said, "Grey, we'll have to wait and see..." Undeterred, he asked, "Mama, can I hit the high hat?"... "Mama, can I hit the bass drum?" The boy is obsessed with the drums. He's two. 


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