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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Galen and Norman Macey

Me and Norman Macey at Britney's Wedding. Norman, or Bro. Macey as I have called him all of my life, taught me to swim at 4 years old when he put (or pitched would be a good word for it) me and Pastor Ron Macey (Ronnie back then) into Lake Travis when our families were there camping together. We've had the pleasure of going to church with them for many years at Mt Houston and Royalwood. We remain best of friends. He can fix anything and at somewhere north of 80 is in incredible shape still. What a great man! I'm proud to know him and call him my friend. 

Galen & Norman Macey


Blogger kristin_ellis said...

Hi I am wondering if your family has any ties to Louisiana? I am trying to find out information about my grandmother. Her maiden name was Norma Walters.
thank you

6/24/2011 12:04 AM  

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