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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colorado Vacation

Yesterday we went up to the back country to hike a trail. The kids, Mik and Amber went to the river. I know it's mean to talk about temperature, but I can't help myself. It has been highs in the upper 80's and very low 90's, and the nights in the high 40's. Wow! Bryan and I went down the canyon on a hike and he ran back out. All the way. I walked:-)
In the evening, Mikki and I took off on a back-roads excursion in her Suburban. We took a road that on the map looked pretty curvy and interesting, but pretty short. Well, it was 25 miles and took us 2.5 hours. Needless to say, we had a couple minutes of wondering if we had done the right thing. Seeing a large brown bear and a couple Grouse with some babies convinced us we had taken the right road. What beauty!
Aspen trees up on Plumtaw Rd above Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
A mother grouse and her chicks... They took their time and crossed in front of us. We waited patiently.
Brody in the river.
Amber, Bryan Caroline and Brody in the Piedres River.
A wild rose on the hiking trail.
I thought this shadow was a bit interesting.
If you look hard enough you'll see my little chipmunk friend. Hint... he's brown.
Some sort of wild thistle or something. Whatever it is, they are beautiful along the hiking trail.
Another form of thistle, I'm assuming. If you know, leave me a comment and I'll properly name it.


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