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Monday, June 29, 2009

At the farm for Molly's 25th

We went to the farm Friday and Saturday for Molly's 25th birthday. Seems like the best place to be... unless it's 104 degrees, which it was Saturday. It pretty much kept us in the house in the early afternoon, but the rest of the day we were outside. We had a wonderful time with some old friends that Molly invited. Everyone seemed to tolerate the heat and make the best of the day.
Jonathan on Wimpe.
Brody and Leah on Tank and Dolly
Leah, Molly, Brittany and Loren... old great friends! We have so many of our memories around this batch of girls. I can't tell you how much we've laughed at them. A creative bunch!
Grey and Papa G
Grey hangs on for dear life. He liked being on the sheep. He pulled up on the coffee table today and stood up. Things will never quite be the same again, or in the same place again:-)


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