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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Colorado Vacation

Mikki and I came to Pagosa Springs Colorado with Bryan, Amber, Brody and Caroline for two weeks. The temperature in Colorado is wonderful. At night, we're at about 50 degrees and in the day it reaches about 77. It is wonderful! We are camping on the river in Pagosa Springs at a camper park. Mike and Darlene towed our fifth wheel trailer and then Bryan and I brought up Tank, his gelding, for a two week training exercise at Parelli. Mikki and Amber and the kids followed in Mik's Suburban. It has been a wonderful few days.
We took a hike yesterday up on the Piedres River. What a beautiful sight.
We were hiking the trail to the river when we met a group of horseback riders. I can't believe they make it up these trails on horseback. Then in the river, I saw this guy following them. It looked like a western movie. The horses are amazingly agile.
MikMik, Papa G, Brody and Caroline at Piedres Canyon.
At the start of our hike. Coming back, we ended up carrying Caroline. She gave out. They got very tired, as did we. There was just no one to carry us no matter how much we whined;-)
We had lunch at a National Forest wilderness campground. Brody couldn't help himself. He ended up in the water, loving every minute of it.
Caroline, Amber and Brody at the Piedres River.
Amber and Liney at our camp.
Brody, casting his rod for trout. Bless his heart, there is only a cork on the end. It doesn't deter him one bit. He begs to go fishing almost all the time. When not fishing, he is casting the silly thing all over the campsite:-) He broke it yesterday and we repaired it with duct tape. Amber repaired it a second time with an ice cream stick splint and more duct tape. He is back casting away.


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