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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Corn and Tomatoes this Weekend! Wow!

Friday and Saturday we had guests to the farm. Mikki fixed a great meal both days that included all of the fresh vegetables from the garden. The tomatoes are huge and sugar-sweet! The sweet corn roasted fresh from the field was to die for.
52 ears of Sweet Corn! We ate a ton of it. It was so sweet we could eat it raw. Decided not to consume too much of it before it was cooked.
Tomatoes are beauties. And some of the sweetest I've ever tasted. Its a crying shame that the stores can't carry vine ripened tomatoes that don't taste like a baseball. They must have to work very hard to make a tomato that has no taste. Ours this year are wonderfully delicious. Really!
Red bell peppers are ripening as we speak.
Brody and me pulling corn. We had a good time.
Brody in the corn patch.


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