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Friday, June 26, 2009

Molly Deanna turns 25!!!

I really can't believe that Molly can possibly be 25, much less married with two fine boys! How can it be? Seems like only yesterday she was laying on the floor of our house in Spring sticking out her tongue at me while I read the paper. That can't be 22 years ago... I guess it is. Wow.
It's been so much fun and a blessing to have had the girls so young. We are blessed to get to live close by and go to church with them weekly, as well as have them at the farm on a regular basis.
Molly D and Amber
Mikki, Molly, Jack, Amber and Caroline at dinner tonight.
Jonathan and Molly, blowing out the candle on the ice cream ball rolled in caramel and coconut...
Molly in her festive attire...
Jonathan and Molly.


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