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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Farm Is Ripe for Picking!

The garden is brimming with vegetables! We had fresh tomatoes for lunch today. Wow! After eating these tomatoes, you simply can't stand to eat store-bought tomatoes. Had a salad this week in a fine restaurant with beautiful tasteless tomatoes. They'd have people standing in line outside if they'd taste these! The Red Globe peach trees we planted from bare-root stock winter-before-last produced their first ready fruit today. Smells wonderfully sweet. Can't wait to place it on some Homemade Bluebell Vanilla for dessert! We did that very thing two weeks back with about a pound of giant black berries. Oh my!
I won't repeat the same copy from the Go Away blog about our genetic testing. Just suffice it to say that we're not going to grow any more Potato-ducks. They're just too much trouble. Kind of cute though... little head, feet and winglets:-)
Red Globe peaches almost ready. My luck, the birds saw me taking pictures and will come in for the kill later this week.
Red Potatoes! A bunch of them.
Red and yellow onions. Wow.


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