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Friday, December 30, 2011

Molly's kids

Our three grandkids from Molly & Jonathan are growing fast. What amazing little minds all three are going to have if they keep on the current course. The wise one, the witty-busy one, and the wee-spoiled one:-) 

Jack at 4 - the wise older brother. Man, is he ever inquisitive and quick.

Grey at 3 - Wow! What a wild man. He is into everything way ahead of everyone else. He'll climb anything, usually with the aid of only a pull-up. We have a photo of him at the livestock show this year in cowboy boots a pull up and an cowboy hat. 

Annie at 1... a clone of Molly as a baby. I don't remember Molly screaming that loud for food, but maybe she did. Maybe Jonathan screamed for food? 


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