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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fall color in Texas & other farmy things

This season's Fall colors in Texas were especially beautiful. Not sure if the drought had anything to do with the intensity of the color, but it was unusually bright this year for some reason. Beautiful!

A water oak at the farm

Sweet Gum's and Oaks on Hostetter

These trees were on the highway between Madisonville and Tyler Texas. Amazing to see this red color in Texas. I u-turned and went back for this picture. Just couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

The cypress tress at Go Away Farm turning before dropping their needles

Well, the pigs have officially made it to Go Away Farm! I counted 27 there a couple weeks ago... all young pigs about 50-70lbs. We had a pig hunt Christmas but it was just too dark. We'll get the little rascals when the moon returns in early January.

Trees reflecting in the small pond at the farm

A beautiful foggy Fall morning at Go Away Farm

The windmill out the gate right before first freeze... 


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