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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Halloween at Hostetter

We had a halloween party at the Hostetter Cottage this year for the first time. Molly, Jonathan, Amber, Jarvis, and all their kids, along with the Ensey kids had a wonderful time. We had a haunted barn, carnival games, a fire pit, and a party for Gray all at the same time. It was quite festive and a lot of fun. And then, we had a Fall Festival at our church in Conroe. Here are a few photos from both...

Brody at Jack Sparrow

Ashlyn and Caroline along with Jack, Brody

Alexander as he jumped from the swing in mid-air

Carnival Games

Spooky barn with the sleeping cowboy, and the crazy apple game

Grey as a ghost

Jarvis & Amber

Molly & Jonathan

Lauren Pitts as a hippy

Molly the cat-woman

Molly & Annie

The kids at the halloween party... Ashlyn, Caroline, Jack, Brody, Andy, Miranda, Grey, Jasmine, Nicholas, Alexander and Annie

Molly, the pumpkin carving queen did some neat carving work

Grey in a unusally passive moment... wait, he's thinking about something

Caroline thinking about her next game

Brody on the slide with his sword... those are Jack's feet close behind


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