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Monday, June 21, 2010

Harvest time at Go Away!

After babying and coaxing along three bear-root peach and pear trees, black berries, and table-grape vines for three seasons, we get to pick our first fruit this season! Wow, the peaches and blackberries were the best I've ever tasted (of course:-). We culled 373 peaches, the birds got 30, and we picked 37 Saturday. There are 157 to be picked Wednesday. Very pleased with the crop. Maybe that incredible three day freeze we had this past winter served a great purpose on our fruit this year afterall. Except the oranges, and we almost lost the orange and lemon trees to the freeze. But, watch out next season! 

Me and the peaches. 

Peaches loaded. 

9.5 lbs Saturday in 37 peaches.

6.5 lbs of purple hull peas, and 11.5 lbs of Sweet 100 Tomatoes. This is on top of 16.5 lbs of Sweet 100 Tomatoes Mikki picked on Tuesday with Brody's help. 

Fresh-pull red potatoes! 

How about 57.5 lbs of these babies on one short row! 


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