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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Short drive...

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I thought, instead of going back to the RV after a Saturday's work at the client, why not go on a short drive and see some California I haven't seen?! So, I fueled up the big truck and drove North on I-15. After a while, I thought that I should head back toward the RV and take in some dinner. So I looked on the navigation system and saw a road, Hwy 138 that appeared to head in the Westerly direction. Good enough. I took it. Then, after driving through some beautiful territory of foothills and mountains I saw a road that pointed left and said, Hwy 2. I recalled in a flash a conversation I had just had with Dan Ablett at ABG about the big bike race next week across hwy 2 and the 12,000 foot ascent they would make. So, hey, why not go see what he was talking about. It was just 4:30 pm and I had nothing else to do. Well, to cut this down some, it was a short 3 hour drive late and the gate was closed... on the main road. No warning for the past 40.3 miles of hairpin turns and overlooks (which were absolutely beautiful). And I had to turn around the beast on a two lane mountain road and go back. Then, I saw another road that headed West, and I turned on it, following a Cadillac that appeared to know his whereabouts, since I had no clue where I was really. It said, "Mt. Wilson". Then, I spotted a couple coming from a mountain trail in back-pack regalia. I stopped and inquired if the road I was on would lead me back to L.A.? "Nope" was the answer. So I probed. "Turn-around, go back till you see Tejunga (?) Canyon road.. take that". Never made eye contact. I guess they eat people who look at others up here. Thanks! Well, 5.5 hours after determining that a short drive would be good, I got back to Hwy 210. Totally turned around I headed to the RV. The wrong direction. But, Santa Clarita is pretty too. I collapsed in bed exhausted:-)

I came into a massive area of fire ravaged forest. Miles and miles of it. And then I noticed these beautiful cactus blooms everywhere across the scorched landscape... as far as you can see. It is really a bit surreal, but stunning all the same. Here is one I shot out of the truck window. I wish I had been carrying a high-quality camera. 

This was a valley from the road. The views toward L.A. were stunning, but my little camera just couldn't overcome the sun setting in the West. Too bad. Amazing views. 


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